The Government Contracting Market is Hard
^that’s a national security risk
We’re doing something about it.
Making this market easier is no longer optimal, it’s critical. Complacency isn’t a competitiveness strategy.

We exist to advance the technologies that will improve our life at home and secure leadership abroad.
Our why is simple.
For Government
The mission needs better tech. Full stop. Whether it’s the civil servant or the soldier, accepting the status quo = letting them down.
For Companies
This market is tough. We get it. You have to move mountains to succeed. Better resources need to exist. We’re here because we heard you.

Our Values

Our work matters, and we take a lot of pride in that. If we don’t fix this, who will?
Transparency and respect comes above all else. It’s non-negotiable.
We get stuff done, no matter what it takes.
We’re not afraid to admit what we don’t know, and we’re constantly looking for ways to learn and grow.
Our customers’ & users’ problems are our own. We’re grateful for their trust, so we go above and beyond to show it.


We’re a driven team with a big vision and a strong sense of purpose. If this resonates, we’d love get to know you.
We’re looking for others who are like-minded and ambitious to join us on the journey.
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